or greybeard [grey-beerd]


1. Technology sage or wise executive.

2. Sometimes derogatory for an older man.

Getting your technology strategy right is the easiest and best way to control cost and align your technology investments with your business. With GrayBeard,  you can leverage our wisdom to do just that. GreyBeard serves companies that are seeking to find disruptive technology strategies and solutions that serve the needs of your business. In many cases your IT and Development teams recommend the solutions that serve their interests more than yours. Many of the disruptive solutions available to businesses are boring for technology professionals but compelling for the business. We have saved our customers money while improving the quality of their technology. GrayBeard can quickly get your company on a path to get control of your technology and make it serve you, instead of being held hostage by the propeller-heads. Our wisdom comes from many years of technology strategy, software development, information security, IT, and technology operations. You really need a GrayBeard on your team.