What’s a GrayBeard? A GrayBeard is an experienced executive. Most experienced executives are able to focus only a fraction of their time on those things uniquely suited for someone with many years of experience, and a legacy of wisdom. The rest of the time they are involved with work that can be done by individuals that have limited experience, but are smart, hard working, and effective leaders. Why pay well into the 6 figures for an experienced executive, when you can receive nearly the same value at a fraction of the cost, to augment your existing team of leaders. The reason you need an executive with experience is that the cost of getting decisions wrong can be catastrophic. With a Graybeard on your team, you can ensure you have the right strategy, and that it is successfully executed.  It really isn't any different than having an executive as part of your leadership team, but at a cost that can be dialed up or down depending on your specific needs. Usually in the first few days of engagement, GrayBeard identifies revenue or cost savings opportunities that more than cover our fees. GrayBeard can tailor the level of engagement to meet your needs. If you are tired of hiring a new IT or development leader over and over again, only to continue to wonder why things aren't working, you need to call us now.